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2014 Beta Evo 200 Trials Bike + Extras = FOR SALE

Buy, sell, trade... or just give away the DAMN thing! :deal:
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2014 Beta Evo 200 Trials Bike + Extras = FOR SALE

Post by BigBird »

Some of you may remember that - before I had the KTM Freeride 250R or the TRS X-Trak trials bike - I got into the business of building my own version of the EZ to ride Beta Trials/Trail Bike with a Beta Long-Ride Tank+Seat installed. The last one of these was the 2014 Beta Evo 2T that is for sale.

This bike was modified with an EFM Autoclutch which is similar to a Rekluse. The EFM Clutch http://efmautoclutch.com was first installed on a used Beta EVO 4T which worked very well but the bike died due to an unrelated engine fan failure/overheat/siezure.

I then looked at a Beta Evo 300 2T - but is was too hard for me to kick start. I then found that the Beta Evo 2T was easy to start and had plenty of power so I bought a Beta 2014 2T brand new in late Dec 2013. It had the same basic clutch as the previous 4T that had died - so I made some minor mods to the 4T EFM Autoclutch so it would fit the 2T and then transferred it to the nearly new Beta EVO 200.

Shortly after installing the EFM Autoclutch in the new Beta Evo 2T - I got the First KTM Freeride in the USA by importing it from the UK. Subesequently I quit riding the Beta Evo and it has been sitting in my garage ever since. I tried to get it started a couple of years ago and had no success - probably due to gummed up carb and old gas. On advice from others I bought a new PKW carb to replace the original carb but don't think I ever got it installed.

The bike has now been sitting in my garage for several years just taking up space and I need to get rid of it!
It includes the Beta Long-Ride Tank+Seat plus a little pit bike seat to make it more comfy to sit down and ride.
It also inclued the PKW carb not yet installed.
It also includes 2 brand new Beta evo top shelters (the big part that begins just behind the steering head and includes the rear fender)
I think almost all the parts needed to complete the project OR to convert it back to a basic standard trials bike are included.
It also include some extras like new clutch plates, etc.

I'd like to sell the Bike and extras here or DAMN. It has very low hours ~ 20 hrs? It just needs someone to take the time to complete and get it running.

I'll take $3K and include everything including a bunch of documentation and some spare springs, etc. I'll also provide any help/advice I can on getting it going again.
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Re: 2014 Beta Evo 200 Trials Bike + Extras = FOR SALE

Post by Boom Boom »

Good luck with sale Sam. For anyone interested in having a go with trials the Beta 200 is a very friendly bike to start with. If wanting a point and go bike to easily take you places that would be next to impossible on a enduro bike this might be the ticket for you.
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