Doy you have an Ancheer E-bike?

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Doy you have an Ancheer E-bike?

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About 22,000 Ancheer electric bicycles are being recalled because they pose fire, explosion and burn hazards, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Safety regulators say the lithium-ion batteries in the Ancheer e-bikes "can ignite, explode or spark," ultimately "posing fire, explosion and burn hazards to consumers."

Prior to the recall, Ancheer received six reported incidents "involving fire, explosions, or sparks," according to the warning notice posted by the CPSC.

This included four reported incidents that resulted in burn injuries, officials said.

Consumers that have purchased the bikes are urged to "immediately" stop using the product and are instructed to contact Ancheer for a free replacement battery and battery mount.
Lots of cool bikes---
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